Tropical Research & Education Center

I had the good fortune to visit UF-TREC in Homestead, Florida.  “The University  of Florida, Tropical Research and Education Center (UF-TREC) was established  in 1929. UF-TREC is dedicated  to research, extension and teaching in the areas of ornamental, vegetable, tropical-subtropical fruit and biofuel crops, and natural  resources.

UF-TREC is the premier research, extension  and teaching institution in Florida focusing on tropical fruits, vegetables, ornamental crops, and natural  resources in the warm subtropics. .The core programs  are divided  into five main categories: 1) tropical  fruit  crops ,2) vegetable crops, 3) ornamental crops, 4) biofuel  crops, and 5) natural  resources.”

The IF-TREC mission statement is as follows. “The mission of the UF-TREC is to develop and disseminate science-based information about subtropical and tropical horticulture and natural resource through basic and applied research, extension and teaching to sustain and enhance the quality of human life and the natural environment.”

Not only was I able to visit the tropical fruit grounds, but I happened to be in the company of many tropical fruit experts. What a wonderful day of learning! Here are the few photos I was able to take- I was so overwhelmed with learning, ran out of time to take photos!

July 2014

Roy Beckford at UF-TREC

July 2014

Frank O’Neill and Roy Beckford at UF-TREC Guava

July 2014

Mango at UF-TREC

July 2014

Pani Varaka Jackfruit macro UF-TREC

July 2014

Pani Varaka Jackfruit UF-TREC

July 2014

I cannot remember what this one is- the flower is huge and stunning! UF-TREC

July 2014

Velvet Apple UF-TREC

July 2014

Velvet Apple UF-TREC


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