Food Forest Inventory

Started planting the food forest in January 2014. I will update this list as needed. Once rainy season gets here I will get some photos together showing progress of the garden.

updated 06/02/14

If you live in the Ft. Myers area and want a start of something, I am happy to share. You can contact me at

Almond Bush (Aloyasia virgata)

Aloe- need to id (common variety)

Amaranth- not sure what variety

American Beautyberry

American lotus-seeds

Angel’s Trumpet

Avocado Dwarf Haas

Bahama Cassia

Banana- Apple, Nam Wah, Ice Cream

Barbados Cherry- Want

Basil- Sweet

Bidens alba

Bird Pepper (Ocimum sanctum)

Black Persian Mulberry- Want


Blackbead (pithocellinium keyense) Want

Blue Porterweed


Bull rush

Buttonwood- Green


Carambola- Want

Canna- Florida native and non native

Coco Plum



Coral beans (Erythrina herbacea) Want

Coreopsis- Tickseed

Cranberry hibiscus

Crinum sp lily

Dill- Monster

Dragonfruit- pink and white

Dune Sunflower

Dutchman’s Pipe- Want


Eggplant- japanese


Everglades Tomato


Fig- Strangler, Mission, Black, Iesha


Florida Green Eyes

Florida Betony (Stachys floridana) Want

Florida Cranberry- Want

Florida Flame Vine- Want

Florida Phlox- seeds

Florida Privet

Frog Fruit (Verbenaceaez) phyla nodiflora

Frostweed- seeds


Garlic chives

Ginger- Hawaiian, 2 unnamed

Gopher apple

Gout plant

Golden creeper

Goldenrod- Seaside

Gout plant or buddha belly

Green Eyes

Ground cherry (fesilis augustifolia) Want


Hairy cowpea (Vigna luteola)

Hibiscus- Cranberry

Iris- Yellow walking and Blue flag


Jamaica Caper Tree- Want

Jasmine- Confederate


Kale- dinosaur, russian


Lantana- multiple varieties


Lettuce- romaine, greens

Liatris- Chapmans Blazing star and Pinkscale seeds

Lily- Day, spider

Loquat- Want


Melon- Queen Annes Pocket and Mouse

Mexican Flamevine- Want

Mexican Honeysuckle (Justica spicara) Want

Meyer Lemon

Milkweed- Scarlet, swan neck

Mist flower (ageratum littorale)

Mimosa- Sunshine

Mock Bishopweed- Want

Monarda Puntada- spotted beebalm

Mulhey Grass

Mulberry- Persian and Everbearing Want

Mustard Greens- Want

Nasturtium- various

Natal Plum- Want

Nickerbean (C. bonducella) seeds

Orange Geiger Tree

Orchid- Reed stem ground and butterfly

Palm- Coconut, Sabal, Bismark,

Papaya- F1


Partridge Pea

Passiflora- Edulis (awesome purple) Incarnata (red), Corky Stem

Paw Paw- Want

Peanut Butter Tree (Bunchosia malpighiacae)

Penstemon Multiflorus

Pentas- native and non native

Pepper- hot, thai chili, red, banana, bird

Persimmon- Want


Pineland Purple-seeds


Plum- Chickasaw (prunus augustifolia) Want



Prickly Pear Cactus- Want

Purple lovegrass

Purple mistflower

Rattlesnake master- seeds

Red Mangrove

Rubeckia- Hirta, seeds for Mohrii and Mollis- softhair, sandhill and blackeyed

Salvia- red

Sapodilla- Silas Woods

Saw Palmetto

Sea blite (Suaeda linearis, maritima) Want

Sea Grape

Sea lavender

Sea oxeye daisy

Sea purslane

Sea Rocket

Semaphore Thoroughwort- seeds


Simpson stopper

Snowberry (Chlococca alba) Want

Soursop- Want

Standing Cypress- seeds

Strangler fig

Surinam Cherry

Swamp Dogwood- Want

Sweet Almond

Sweetbay Magnolia virginiana Want

Sweet potato

Sweetscent- seeds

Thin leaf October Flower- seeds

Toadflax- seeds

Tomato- Everglades, zapotec

Tridens flavus- seeds

Turmeric- Want

Virginia Peanut

Walters vibunum- Want

Water Chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis) Want

Watermelon- early sweet

Winged Bean

Winged loosestrife- seeds

Yellow necklace pod- Want

Yucca alofolia- Want



5 thoughts on “Food Forest Inventory

  1. I have turmeric, coral bean, water chestnut, soursop (tiny ones), everbearing mulberry, chickasaw plum, pomegranate, and a little carambola tree.

    Perhaps you need to make a pilgrimage north and we can do some trading.

  2. ty

    Submerged in americas toxic soup
    Life here gasping for fresh air now, but
    Long ago hunched on all fours we had to prove ourselves build strength learn and with time soon be rewarded the respect to stand tall and erect now days we have lost natures respect by going against her ways… The way food is so far from nature the way it is so far from what it was intended the food made in the lab by man an not in the woods….. We have lost her respect for we have lost our ability to live long joyful lives we know longer stand tall because or backs are weak for our bellies are large and were sick from what we eat and how we degenerate our system with toxic synthetic pills being misled like were some sort of a lab rat economically strapped to the slave driven society working our lives away for meaningless tasks not for what were meant to or our hearts urge us to but what were told to or led to doesn’t have to be the ending but our start to new beginning
    We diss her grace as we build our own graves down a road of treachery you mustn’t hesitate to ask for her forgiveness seek the questions to ask that your heart so desires to know thee answers to…. For its a dying world out there be a part of the team who is thee earths life support (PERMACULTURE)…. “me” for I have always wanted to help the world become a better place to aid the people who are not at peace with it…. but I have not been found…. such a vast world… in dire need for people to find their place… with people.

    I want to get involved an help in any way I can. Learning everything from efficient living permaculture/horticulture hugelkultur, working with mother nature not against her, reforesting to shade our earth an not abuse it by peeling deep into its protective layers by deforesting causing de clouding and not reclouding…producing rainfall reclaiming proper climate….I want to strengthen my ability’s in harvesting rainwater, off grid sustainable farming/gardening grey water systems to cob building.. working and building with the land for efficient cooling and heating and managing a food forest to feed people natural whole chemical free foods to grafting quicking and easing a variety of fruit production fermenting for preserving improving and properly preparing food for better health to bee keeping as our pharmacies and pollinators it all intrigues me but I don’t know where I should take my first steps where and how I should spend my money and time what would be best?

    I was wondering if you or anyone you knew had any courses in mind I could take or if you have a direction you could point me in.. Ide like hands on work an to be surrounded by like-minded caring people to do better knowing there’s people out there that have me on their radar and know what I’m after. Now that I am a fresh graduate from high school here in Cape Coral FL I want to further my education and put all my mind and effort into sustainable living and permaculture.
    Thank you sincerely
    Tyler Zender

    • Hey there Tyler- congratulations on finishing high school. What an exciting time as you figure out what you want to do. Fortunately there are a lot of resources locally. I would say get in touch with H.E.A.R.T. in Lakeland, Florida with Florida Gulf Coast University and ECHO I think there are fantastic opportunities for learning and service there. The Lee County Extension Office also might be of interest to you. They offer Master Gardening and Master Naturalist programs that you might find of interest. Have a great time exploring your options!

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